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The Emissions First partnership was created by practitioners  – companies working to reduce their emissions with impactful clean energy projects today. These companies are motivated to minimize the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions impact from their electricity use. The term “Emissions First” is a recognition that the way in which organizations account for carbon emissions from electricity use should incentivize actions that maximize carbon reductions. Moving beyond megawatt-hour matching to focus on the quantified emissions impact of electricity consumption and generation is at the heart of this approach.


Over the past year we’ve observed a growing number of projects and forums with a shared goal of building upon the existing foundational guidance for electricity emissions accounting. Along with the growing number of publications with ideas for GHG accounting changes, we recognize the importance to hear from practitioners, the companies and organizations actively procuring renewable energy and other decarbonization solutions in the voluntary markets. 


The ‘Principles’ presented here are intended to offer a perspective on key objectives and principles to inform the next generation of voluntary accounting for electricity related emissions.

GHG Protocol Survey Response Template & Accompanying Proposal

The World Resource Institute (WRI) has started collecting stakeholder input to understand the need, scope, and potential approaches to inform updates to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) relating to Corporate Standards, Scope 2 Guidance, Scope 3 Standards, and supporting documents.  This is a critical opportunity to influence decisions that will enable an emissions-based Scope 2 accounting approach.


The Emissions First Partnership has put together a template with pre-populated responses to the Scope 2 accounting survey. If you or your organization are interested in supporting an emissions-based accounting framework, please download this survey template as a guide for submitting your own response to the GHGP Scope 2 Survey form.
The deadline for submission is
March 14th.

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